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Addicted to the shindig

Well, Ruth and I are definitely taking over a Brownie pack together. We went to a Guiders training day on Saturday. Some of it was great but there was a lot of stuff which I think I would have found more interesting/useful if I'd actually got back into running meetings first. As it was, it seemed a bit vague, and it was annoying that the Leadership Qualification session didn't actually go over what you need to do to get your warrent, just various ideas of how you could run your meeting/be a good Brownie Guider.

I managed to take the shine off the day rather before the final session when we were nipping over to have a look at the Craft Bazaar and I managed to slip on the stairs and fell down really hard on my bum. It was quite a shock and of course I spilled tea on myself in the process as well. It didnt' stop the last session being the best though - yay for sing-a-longs!

On Friday, we'd been over to meet some of the parents and see the hall and it's all looking pretty good, actually. The parents were very nice indeed and we're having one helper a week to begin with as well as a warrented guider to keep an eye on us and a Young Leader who was around last year so knows the girls and so on. We're planning a getting to know you sort of week this week and we'll see how we get on, I guess. I'm alternating between scared and excited about it - it's been so long since I was doing any of this!

After all that, I had a blessedly quiet Sunday during which I freaked Alex out by putting books into boxes to start off my packing. I'm not sure if we're going to have enough boxes, even with the ones we got from Jenni, but I'm sure I can always blag extra from Tesco. After that, I just vegged out with West Wing again. It's compelling but disturbing television. I find that the America it portrays is frightening both for the aspects the show deplores and those it celebrates. I've been listening to the election coverage with a gloomy feeling of foreboding. It's bad enough to think that around half the country actually agree with Bush and what he stands for without having it foisted on the world for another 4 years.

I did enjoy the results of the Hartlepool bi-election though, and listening to the anti-europe camp tearing themselves apart between UKIP and the Tories conferences. I dare not speak my secret hope here, but I bet you can guess what it is and things might even have changed to the point where it has a chance. I was listening to an old Jeremy Hardy last night from around 1995 and he was laying into Howard for being a right wing Home Secretary who was introducing ID cards ("and no I don't want one card to be my passport, driving license, credit card, video shop membership and library card because I'd lose it!"). Plus ca change, plus ca meme chose.

I got my first online case of wine yesterday, delivered courtesy of Richard Branson, which was rather nice. We've had one bottle so far and it was pretty good, I have to say, although Alex prefers a more robust taste, I think. A Cab Sauv/Merlot mix and very smooth and rich it was too. I may just have a cunning Virgin Wine scam, but I don't know for sure yet - I'll let you know if it works out.

Bringing things up to date, I managed to lose 2.5lb this week, which I'm quite pleased with. I also managed to keep my pledge of last week and not eat anyone elses food. This week is supposed to be exercise focused. I went for a run with t__m__i and celestialweasel (if I've got my John's straight) last night round South Park which was actually rather good, but I ought to do more than one thing really. I suppose I could just say "I will do 3 bonus points worth of exercise at least 3 times this week". Next week's run will count for one of those times so I just have to sort out the other two. How hard can it be?

This seems to have turned into several entries run together, but as I'm too lazy to split them up, you'll have to have them as they are.
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