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Catching up

I seem to be going through something of a writers block here at the moment. Even the normally constant flow of vague ideas for entries that I'll write later has temporarily deserted me. So, an update.

Last Friday I ran, with Ruth, my first Brownie meeting with my new pack. They all seemed rather sweet, if exuberant and we had a pretty good time. It wasn't quite as organised as it might have been but I think that I'll get better at the planning with time, and it was quite fun.

Saturday it was back into Oxfam for another Saturday afternoon volunteering. That's another 6 children vacinated (or whatever it is that it says in that leaflet). I did a bit of sorting donations to begin with, which was quite interesting. Who thinks that we're going to sell on their old underwear? Or, for that matter, their paint stained and ripped T-shirts? Still there was some nice stuff too, including a rather good cache of skirts that I was very tempted to try on but then got distracted and forgot. After that, it was back onto the till, which I really like actually, although I get the impression that the others aren't that keen on it. It's nice to see people and talk to them (even when they don't make much sense) and smile with them. The Christmas stuff is really coming out now and more people are starting to come in to buy advent calendars, small presents, cards, that sort of thing. I actually am really enjoying it - I think I'm going to try to make my plans so that I can go and help out all the weekends between now and Christmas. Ben asked me when I'd be available - I think that there tends to be a shortage at that time as people have got their own thing to do.

I actually made it along to OUSFG yesterday, where I was pleasantly surprised to be confronted by a large room full of freshers (or at least new people). The debate (books -> films) was fun and ranged randomly around the topic at times in a pleasant fashion. After the meeting we adjourned to the Mitre for a drink and it also emerged that a whole bunch of the freshers had LJs. I'm always fascinated when that happens, because I start to wonder if any of them are going to turn out to be people I already know in other contexts like support. I didn't come across any this time, but still. I believe some people even paid money on the night so things are looking pretty good for OUSFG.

Next week, I'll be skipping the pub to go and see Nanci Griffiths at the Royal Albert Hall with Suz, which should be amazing. I've always wanted to see her live, although the RAH won't have quite the ideal atmosphere I imagine for her type of show I'm still dead chuffed we got tickets.
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