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Media update

I seem to have done an enormous amount of stuff that I haven't written about here, so instead of going into the gory detail, I'm going to briefly review some of the media I have consumed over the time.


Wizard And Glass, Stephen King. I've been reading this on my Palm for a while and finally got round to finishing it. Something about the style he's written these books reminds me of the Wheel of Time - huge scope, but attention to detail too. This book is mostly flashback to Roland's rite of passage in Mejis and I found it pretty enjoyable. There were a few places where the prose dragged and some of the language is a bit flowery in places. Overall though, it's enjoyable and carries you along with it. Don't try to read it without reading the other books in the series though.

Monstrous Regiment, Terry Pratchett. As we commented at OUSFG recently, I can't think of a single other author who has written 30 books in a series without writing any actual duff ones. This one is pretty good, but it's much more skewed towards satire than laughs, following the trend of the later books. This one works well, focusing nearly entirely on new characters and as always, the observation is right on target. A surprising lack of footnotes and I notice that the dust jacket contains a couple of comparisons to Swift. Not entirely misplaced, I'd say.


West Wing Seasons 3 & 4 (nearly all). I borrowed these off coalescent (minus the last 2 eps of season 4! I'll have to download them myself or something - the thought!) and have been watching them over the last few weeks. It's a very addictive show and I can easily settle in for an evening, watching 2 or 3 episodes with a glass or so of wine. You could, I suppose, accuse the series of being samey - the format hasn't really changed since the start and I was amused to note that when Sam departed he was replaced by someone nearly identical - but it's such a damn good format that I've never minded. The acting and writing is still top notch - I was particularly touched by the Long Goodbye, where CJ visits her father to be confronted by his Altzeimers problems, which left me weeping.

Yes Minister Season 3 + Party Games. It's disturbing how topical this show seems when I watch it. The Whiskey Priest deals with Hackers dilemma when he finds out that British weapons are being sold to terrorists and it's spot on. You could show it today. And it's hilarious, the whole season through. Everyone should watch these.


Mean Girls. I liked this a lot, but I enjoy pretty high school films, particularly with happy endings. There was nothing particularly noteworthy about it, but it's well observed and decently acted. I thought parts of the ending were a little ridiculous, but they just about get away with it, I'd say. If you like this sort of film, you'll probably like this one.

Something's Gotta Give. For some reason, I cannot think of Jack Nicholson as sexy. I just can't. So I find his role as Casanova of the young women of New York rather difficult to swallow. His relationship with Diane Keaton, on the other hand is much more believable. It's got an unbelievably sappy ending but it makes a nice change to see a love story about old people and while there's not much to it, what there is is fairly well done. Again, only watch this if you like the genre.

Bride and Prejudice. I've always been curious as to whether I'd like a Bollywood film and I'm fascinated by adaptations of classics so I decided to give this a whirl. As an adaptation, it's pretty good - the Indian society is a good fit for 18th century England in a lot of ways. They manage the business of fitting the story into a film length really pretty well without feeling too rushed. In the end though, I found that although I enjoyed some of the musical numbers I ended up feeling like some of them weren't really adding anything and could profitably have been replaced with more story. Still, quite fun for all that.
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