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I really want to go to OUSFG tonight. It's Niall's talk about the OUSFG award and stuff, and I think it would be interesting, plus I'm curious to see how many freshers are still coming along. I've even read some of the books which are eligible, although not enough of them to be making nominations myself, I think.

But on the other hand, tomorrow night, I'm going out for a work social. Friday night, I'm roleplaying. And I have an enormous list of things I need to sort out related to the move. Not least ordering a cooker, which I really need to do with my Dad's help, I think, and ordering a mattress, preferably from sites which will let me pick the delivery dates. Also, I'd like to touch the support board at least once this week. I have 600 emails in my Gmail inbox. I need to do some boring stuff with figures. I need to buy and cook dinner.

Of course, even if I do go to OUSFG, I won't get all this stuff done, but I might make a bit of a dent in it, and some of it's time dependant, particularly the shopping.
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