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Settling in

Well, we're in. In some ways, I still find it hard to believe, but we really are. And we're slowly getting through all the jobs that need to be done before we can really settle down. The electrician came over on Monday and after fixing up a few things informed me that after investigating the "Further Investigation" item on our report, we have original wiring and really, we should have it all taken out and replaced with more modern stuff made of a different material in a different configuration. The BT man came round yesterday and, after much to-ing and fro-ing from the junction box has got our phone line working, meaning that the ADSL order is now in. Much to my surprise, the Sky box just worked, with no intervention required from us, as did the TV aerial. The cooker has been delivered and will be wired in on Monday. I've screwed hooks in the door and more wardrobe rails in the cupboard. We're collecting the hoover tonight. I've put the first load of washing on today, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the kitchen won't be swimming when I get back. I still haven't booked a locksmith.

As always, I've managed to arrange a busy weekend (Oxfam, OUSFG party, Alex's parents visit) but hopefully we can still get the worst of the tidying out of the way before the house-warming. I've decided that I'm not even going to bother putting the cocktail ingredients away until after that (and don't bring us any more, thanks! Mixers or wine).

Still, despite the boxes, and the vaguely unfinished feel that all this tradesman-ing leaves me with, I'm feeling good. The amount of storage is phenomenal. We'll have to think about how to get best use from it, but we're going to be able to put all our stuff away no problem. Our bed, a present from my parents, is lovely and has been put together such that it doesn't squeak even a little bit. There's floorboards under the upstairs carpets, leaving me with more plans for future DIY work. Cassie is getting used to the new territory (and without wee-ing on it once. She is *so* good!).

I just realised I haven't used this userpic yet. angelsk made it for me because I'm interested in cats, and I think it's rather cute. One day, I'll manage to get a userpic-worthy photo of Cassie, but she has a tendancy to start licking her bum just before I manage to click the shutter. Not quite the image I want, although I suppose I could save it for very rude comments. I'm feeling the urge to go out and change my icons or at least pick a new default, but I'm to un-inspired right now. Any suggestions?
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