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New Years

Ok, I've decided. The thought of going all the way to West Ewell on New Years eve fills me with dread. I'm doing quite enough travelling this holiday, thanks very much. So, I am going to have an At Home this year. And yes, those capital letters mean you're invited too. Bring food, bring drink (definitely bring drink!), be merry. You can even bring other lost souls as long as they're nice and polite.

Poll #408256 New Years

Will you be coming round for New Year?

No, I'll be in West Ewell, with much more interesting and exciting people
No, I'll be somewhere else with much more interesting and exciting people
No, I won't be with more interesting and exciting people but I can't get to yours.
Well maybe. I haven't made up my mind yet.
Yes. You speak sound sense and I will be eating and drinking with you on New Year's eve
Other. I know some of you are perverse and will want an Other checkbox. Explain in comments plzthx
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