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There's something about the New Year. My technology lust just takes over. This year, I really really want a new phone. Specifically, this phone. But it's not available in the UK yet (and if I understand what I'm reading rightly, the version from the States will *only* work on Sprint so there's no point in buying on from there). Tantalizingly though, eXpansys is listing it to pre-order (no price) with a release date of Jan 2005 and the option to buy it with a Vodafone contract. If that turns out to be possible, it would be just fantastic! I've decided that I'm going to ask everyone not to give me presents this year but to contribute to a big Treo fund for me instead and see if I can get one for my birthday.

Edit Sweet. Headphones that act as headphones and hands-free kit, with the phone ring cutting into your music. Now if only you could get that, but Bluetooth...
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