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New boots

I had an Imelda Marcos moment in Faith the other day. I went in to buy sensible black shoes in the sale and I did, but when I was paying, I also spotted a pair of gorgeous boots on the wall. Well, I thought, I'll just try them on - they won't fit over my calf anyway. But they did, so I had to buy them. It's so rare that I fall in love with shoes which actually fit me.

Anyway. I find that I want to wear them all the time because they're so comfortable, but I don't want to waste them when you can hardly see them peeping out of jeans. So, a poll. Run my life for me LJ.

Poll #420038 Boots

How often should I wear my boots

Wear them all the time - if they're comfortable, it's worth it.
Only wear them with skirts etc when you can show them off - they'll last longer

Should I buy another pair (my Mum insists I should!)

Are you nuts! No boots are worth £70 in the first place!
Go for it - if they're comfortable and they look good, get them while you can
Nah - wait for them to go in the mid season sale and get more then

I wish they came in more colours - then it would be easier to justify to myself.
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