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Day of rest

07:45. Alarm goes off. We struggle and manage to force ourselves out of bed within 10 mins or so. Both shower, dress, wrap Alex's mum's present.

09:00. Leave house. Bike to St Clements and catch Oxford Tube.

11:00. Arrive at Victoria. No District or Circle line. No change. Buy 2 (by mistake - meant 1) caramel fudges. Buy bus ticket. Bus to Charing Cross. No trains at Charing Cross. Bus to Victoria. No change again. Buy bottle of diet coke. Buy tickets to Petts Wood. No trains to Petts Wood.

12:00. Get on train to Bromley South.

12:25. Get off train. Meet Jo & Ben (Alex's sister and boyfriend). Go to lunch with Alex's family then home for present unwrapping. Check availability of trains for next bit.

16:43. Get on train at Mottingham to London Bridge. Get on Jubilee line to Willesden Green. Get on rail replacement bus to Northwick park. Find way from drop off point of bus to hospital.

18:30. Visit Granddad in hospital. Distract him from his dinner; dirty looks from nurse.

19:15. Leave Granddad. Go to front of hospital to look for direct bus to Hillingdon. Try to order taxi to Hillingdon. Give up and trek back to station. Wait in cold for rail replacement bus. Get on rail replacement bus to Harrow on the Hill. Get Metropolitan line to Hillingdon. Wait for Oxford tube. Decide to investigate car clubs.

20:30. Oxford tube arrives. Get on and eat caramel fudges and drink coke.

21:40. Back at St Clements. Bike home.


That was Sunday. On Monday I was feeling ill enough with my cold to go home at lunchtime and here I am at home still. I might manage to work from home this afternoon, but I'm not promising anything.
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