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So, as promised, as real life update. Things which have happened in the past couple of weeks that I've meant to tell you about but not got round to.

Alex bought me a ring. Not an engagement ring, although I'm wearing it on that finger, because I don't want to have a marriage but a ring because he knew I wanted one and he loves me. It's very beautiful and combines white and yellow gold with small diamonds. You can see it here on their website but in my opinion it looks better in real life. It's so delicate, which one of the things that drew me to it. We found it when we were going in to buy Alex's Mum's birthday present, I fell in love with it on the spot and he bought it for me there and then. Those of you who've seen me IRL since then have probably seen it :)

My Grandad is ill in hospital. I hesitate to say very ill because it doesn't represent an enormous worsening of his condition from when he was at home but he's pretty bad. It looks like he'll end up being released into a nursing home once they've finally got the urinary infection, etc, cleared up. His breathing is terrible but is apparently unlikely to improve at this stage. I feel guilty because I don't like going to visit, partly because it's just distressing seeing someone old and weak at the end of their life and partly because it's such a faff to get to and I have found myself thinking that if, like Nan, he dies just before my birthday, I'll find it hard not to resent that. It's not the type of family gathering you hope for round your birthday really. His consultant said to Mum over the phone that in times gone by he would have just slipped away before this and perhaps that would have been more comfortable for him.

We've moved into new offices at work, up near the station. On the whole this is a good thing. The offices are a lot nicer and do not have scary drunk people by the bike racks. In fact, they have secure bike racks, which is rather nice given that I've taken advantage of the work bike grant scheme to buy a new bike, which is very nice. On the other hand, while there is a Croisanterie here (must be quite new - I hadn't noticed it before) there isn't really anywhere I can buy good low fat type lunches and the city centre is a bit of a trek to want to do every day just to get a sandwich.

Overall, while things are still very busy I'm starting to get into a more relaxed headspace about it. I'm getting used to the pace and also to the projects. It's probably helped that for various reasons we haven't fitted in role-playing for a while - having that extra day has given me time to get back on an even keel.

Also, paging music fans, Truck 2005 tickets are now available - 27.50 each, to go up by 10 pounds at some unspecified future date. Niall - up for trading lifts for bedspace again? It's 23rd/24th July so just avoids clashing with our proposed Caption date (note to self. Chase Alex to chase venue).
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