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Semagic's started doing that odd thing to me again where when I open it up a draft of something I've already posted has been loaded. Thinking about it, it's usually something I've posted to a community. Maybe there's something in that.

I'm feeling restless at the minute. I've picked myself a few new icons but I still want a new style and I still don't really have the ideas/energy to create one. I don't even have the ideas/energy for the projects I'm committed to as it is. Still, work has moved into the testing phase of the development cycle again which, in addition to being really boring (necessary, I know, but really boring), will hopefully free up some of my creative urges again.

I'm going through one of my un-helpful phases where I want things to be different, but not enough to actually do something about it. I want to be losing weight again, but I don't seem to be able to actually make sensible choices instead of just indulging myself all the time. I console myself by reminding myself that this too will pass, I just wish I could make it pass quicker.
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