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First night

I can't believe that we actually made it! This is a post so I can remember our first night in our home.

We picked up the keys at lunchtime, slightly disbelieving the whole thing really. It took so long I couldn't believe it was done. We'd already decided that we wanted to spend the night at the new place so when we got home we started gathering up the things we'd need for a night's sleep - the air bed, sleeping bags, champagne glasses, ketchup, tea etc. It was raining rather heavily at this point but by the time we were ready to go it had slowed to a very slight mist so we thought "Yay! Lets be off"

Unfortunatly, by the time the bikes were loaded up and we were setting off down Cowley Road the rain was strenghtening again. Oh well, I thought, we'll be a bit damp. And it strenghten more. And more. It tipped it down on us. We made it to the house just as the fury of the storm slackened off a little, cold and soaked. We had planned to dump the stuff and go and buy fish and chips but I couldn't bear the thought of leaving the house again, I was so wet and miserable. There was a horrible moment when I couldn't figure out how to turn the boiler on, but Alex recognised the timer and got it going again.

We toyed with the idea of pizza delivery but we both did really want to drink a glass of champagne so in the end, Alex nobly agreed to go out alone for the supplies while I recovered myself. Once I had my jeans off (they were so wet!), my dressing gown on and the sleeping bags etc out (only very slightly damp, fortunately) I started to feel slightly better.

I rigged up my iRiver on portable speakers to play a few tunes and when Alex got back we sat wrapped up in the sleeping bags next to the radiator and ate the chips and drank the champagne. It was wonderful - it felt like we'd overcome the final hurdle. My parents called in for a glass of champagne on the way to my old house where they were staying prior to helping us move the next day and then we slept clinging together on the narrow airbed, falling asleep to the sound of radio 4 in our new bedroom.
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