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Emptied of expectation. Relax.

iTunes meme

Songs sorted by title
'A Little Less Conversation' Radio Edit Remix (Elvis Vs JXL)
Zoom, Zoom, Zoom (The Collegians)

Songs sorted by artist
Wiggle it (2 in a Room)
The Viennese Musical Clock from Hary Janos (Zoltan Kodaly)

Songs sorted by length
Coffee Shop Girl II (Need New Body) (0:05)
Electrickery, the origins of Electricity (In Our Time) (41:43)

Songs sorted by album title
Look Who's Perfect Now (Transister) (-transister (Promo))
God's Unchanging Hand (Alabama 3) (Zero Tolerance)

10 most played songs
Moi Lolita (Alizee) (77)
Ladder in my Tights (Amy Studt) (77)
Under The Thumb (Amy Studt) (73)
A Stroke Of Genius (Freelance Hellraiser) (69)
Freak Like Me (Sugababes) (61)
Thankyou (Dido) (59)
Testify (Amy Studt) (54)
Some Kind Of Miracle (Girls Aloud) (53)
No Good Advice (Clean Version) (Girls Aloud) (51)
Life Got Cold (Girls Aloud) (51)

I listen to lots of pop at work.

Songs with ___ in the title
Love: 171 tracks
Death: 6 tracks
War: 15 tracks
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