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Still here

Still here, don't worry. I'm not sure why I've been so sporadic lately. Well, I do in some ways, I suppose. I'm going through a very low energy phase where I'm having trouble summoning up enough to do anything. You wouldn't notice it from my social schedule but after that, I've got nothing left for anything else. My support activity is the lowest it's been for ages and most of my other projects are languishing rather. I must learn to say no more. I'm seriously considering having a week where I don't go out for anything.

Anyway. Stuff that has been happening to me. I had a very nice weekend. We attended a wedding reception for some friends from OUSFG - all very lovely, traditional type of thing - where I barn danced with coalescent and all in all had a nice time at. Then on Sunday, I had truecatachresis and sqigglyruth over for roast lunch, which went over very well and was followed by games playing. I haven't played settlers for so long that it was really nice to break it out again. I'd forgotten how much fun it could be. We must have drunk a bottle of wine each by the time they both went home but it was a really nice day.

Plans are gradually being made to use up all my holiday days for this year. A trip to France with the parents in the summer is looking likely and they may be popping over for Easter as well, which will be good.

I'm slightly stressed because my Brownies have decided that they want to raise money for Comic Relief by doing a talent show, which has therefore been organised in a bit of a rush. Fingers crossed eh. They want to have another meeting to go over bits from my Leadership Qualification stuff but I'm not sure it's worth it yet - I haven't got that much done. I've got my First Aid training on Saturday though - I'll feel a lot better when I'm qualified for that.

I feel sure that there was some other noteable event I was going to tell you about but it has slipped my mind. Sigh. Still, never mind. I still haven't got my new phone (sob!). If I remember, I'll make a post about it.
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