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Another busy weekend zooms past, although quite pleasantly. The Brownie talent show went quite well in the end. Some of it was 7 year olds playing the violin, but some of it wasn't bad at all and we collected some money. Bless them. After that, I dashed home so that we could head straight out to Paul's dinner which turned out to be nice and relaxing - just what I needed.

Saturday, it was up early (boo!) to go and get First Aid trained. Not only can I recusitate Brownies now but I qualify as an appointed person under the health and safty act, which is nice. After that Alex and I wandered over to the Red Star Noodle Bar with Damian before heading off to see the burlesque show at the Zodiac. Mostly just stripping, I'm sad to report - no variety or anything. After that it was Gloom, wine and kittens at Jeremys before heading home for bed.

Sunday I finally got a lie in (thank God!) and was then filled with the hum of domesticity - I got the hoovering and the washing done and Alex helped me with an enormous shop. I also fiddled around with my settings on weightwatchers.co.uk and so I'm feeling more cheerful/positive about that stuff again. Tonight is roleplaying and I've saved up enough points for a bottle of wine so I should be fine.
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