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I was the most depressed I've been about politics for a long time this weekend. It's not just that the government has managed to steam-roll a terrible illiberal piece of legislation through. That's bad enough but I'm used to it by now. It was the ridiculous behaviour of Blair, Howard and their respective cabinets in the immediate aftermath.

I thought that Peter Hain's claim that the Lib Dems were offering constructive critism while the Conservatives were just opposing for the sake of it was going to be the most ridiculous thing when I heard it that morning but oh no. Apparently, he went on to call Howard a mongrel (I missed that bit) and on the evening news Margaret Beckett said in so many words that Howard had deliberately put the nations security at risk to score political points.

Predictably and justifiably extremely pissed off by all this, the Tories degenerated into namecalling too, although not nearly so badly and the whole thing just felt ridiculous. The LibDems came out best, possibly because they just kept their mouths shut.

It's just so disappointing to have real life turn out more ridiculous than cynism.
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