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Film Tuesdays continue

Went to see Hotel Rwanda yesterday. It's an incredibly sad film - I cried a lot - but also a very very good one. I wouldn't unhesitatingly recommend it because it's very affecting, but think about going to see it. It put me in an odd mood for the rest of the evening though.

I wonder what's happening in Darfour now. Searching for it on BBC news gives no results.

One of the things I've noticed from watching this so close to Ray (which you should all go and see because it's brilliant) is that I find when I'm watching bio-pics that I imagine the person sitting down with the script writer and telling that story sometimes. Particularly striking incidents, I feel like I can almost hear them describing it.

I really should write up more of the films I see these days - even if it's just a brief paragraph rather than a review. It'd be nice to remember them later on.


Edit After realising that my spelling was wrong, I found this on the BBC dated 1st Feb 2005. A particularly choice quote...

The report - prepared by a five-member UN-appointed commission - said the Sudanese government "has not pursued a policy of genocide" although "in some instances individuals, including government officials, may commit acts with genocidal intent".

Nice to see that things are so different this time then. Actually, they are because the article says that the US are actually pressing for it to be recognised as genuine genocide this time. I found the bit where they were listening to Madelaine Albright talking about "acts of genocide" so they wouldn't have to go in was one of many particularly uncomfortable moments in the film.
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