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It's amazing how much difference the sun has made to my mood. I just revelled in it yesterday. Today, I spent my afternoon at Oxfam looking wistfully out of the door at the gorgeous weather while wearing a skirt and a linen top. That's another thing I like about warmer weather - my warm weather clothes are so much prettier. I never did get the knack of choosing flattering jumpers. I'm just praying that it holds for tomorrow at least - otherwise I think I'm entitled to feel a tiny bit hard done by.

Brownies was manic last night. We were downstairs in our usual building instead of upstairs. It was a smaller room and much more echo-y - not good when you've got 18 little girls running around. The reason we were downstairs was that there was a fund-raising dinner going on in the evening and they needed upstairs so they could use the kitchen. And, of course, my worst fear happened - they managed to set off the fire alarm. Although not by having a fire, fortunately. I'd been putting our stuff away (it was about 15 mins before the end of our meeting and the start of their dinner so it was a good time to get at the cupboard before they had guests) and so half the registers were in the cupboard as well, which was very embarrassing considering we had a parent present as well but the girls were very good indeed, stayed calm and acted the most sensible they did all evening!

Afterwards, Ruth invited us over for dinner, which was really nice and we sat around and drank and played Settlers. I remember why I used to love that game so much - it's so good to get it out again. I hadn't planned to do anything but in the end it turned into a really nice chill out evening and I didn't feel particularly knackered even though we didn't get to bed until about 3. It's amazing how much extra energy sunshine gives you.
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