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I just got spammed in PM from a message board. Is nowhere safe? I guess I should already know the answer to that, but still! You'd think that Mozillazine would be fairly safe. I'm feeling too lazy this evening to do my civic duty and report it so I just deleted it.

Had Mum and Dad over for a few days. I worry that they find it dull or that they'll think *I* find it dull or something. I also feel vaguely guilty that I make them to gardening every time they come at the moment! We dug out the rest of the crap from the front garden and discovered that there's a path in it! This is a good thing because the soil is so clay-ish that you really don't want to walk on it because you come away an inch taller. Anyway, we took out a whole bunch of the roots (I have bits of tree-trunk now which I may try to be artistic with in some fashion) and planted heathers on one side of the path, which look very pretty. I'm not sure how well they'll do, but I'm assured that they're non-ericaceous ones so fingers crossed. I'm going to have to re-think the rest of my plans because of where the path lies though.

We tried to go plant shopping this afternoon, but everywhere was shut! What's up with that! I'm so used to everything being available that I couldn't believe it. And B&Q, shut over part of Easter weekend? How will all the DIYers worship at their holy altar? Seriously though, I thought it was one of their biggest weekends of the year but apparently not big enough for them to open on Easter Sunday. Sigh. Mum and Dad have gone home now but I might try again tomorrow. Mum suggested that I take Alex - I don't think she really takes his garden-antipathy seriously somehow.

I also cooked them a roast, which they were very impressed by. It was kind of a treat for me as well, because Dad is generally vegetarian but will eat meat in restaurants and it was him who suggested that he'd be OK with it if I wanted to cook one for them after I'd mentioned to Mum how much fun they were to do for me. They were very impressed so I felt good about that. Disturbingly, when I did the points it was only just more fattening than the bread and cheese lunches we had the other days!
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