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Quite a relaxing weekend, a preface to what I hope will be quite a relaxing week. Managed to visit coalescent for lunch without having to deal with engineering works or anything of that nature and had a really nice meal and afternoon - thanks Niall! Managed to not doze off when I got back but actually got some tidying up done downstairs, which was looking like a bit of a tip, so I feel good.

What with the Easter holidays for the next two weeks, things are looking quiet - no Brownies and, as Ruth and Ian have taken the opportunity to go on holiday, no role-playing either. What am I going to do with all the time? Well, hopefully plan things! Anyway, Niall persuaded me that I'd like to try his dance class on Wednesday (not that I took much persuading, so I'm going to give that a shot. If it's fun, and I expect it will be, I might start doing that regularly - it'll be good exercise, apart from anything else. Niall, I forgot to ask you - how much does it cost and should I wear anything particular (trainers? trousers or skirt?)?
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