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Dancing Queen

I'm binging on Sex and the City again. I don't know why they only made 8 shows for series 5 (well actually, I have a guess) but I'm at serious risk of watching them all this evening. I don't care what people say, it's a great show. It's sharp, it's intelligent, it's got a lot to say and it doesn't take itself too seriously.

Went to the Ceroc class last night, which turned out to be pretty good, actually. I managed to keep my level of frustration at being a beginner at something that the more practised people were looking great doing to a minimum, managed to pick up a couple of steps and didn't totally disgrace myself while free dancing with some of the more experienced guys. I even got chatted up, which was quite fun and a nice boost to the ego. It didn't go as far as asking for coffee although if I get a sparkly skirt, I may have agreed to enter the national championships :) Seriously though, afterwards I felt good but mean, like I'd lead him on even though I was just having fun and being friendly. I had my ring on and everything. How do you subtly send off "I'm attached vibes" while enjoying feeling sexy and dancing?

I managed to miss dyddgu at the Madding Crowd, but the various arrangements, coupled by the fact that every time I see karen2205 post about coffee in Borders it makes me misty eyed for my days of meeting Suzie there made me think that we should arrange a regular Oxford meet up and before Ceroc would be a great time to do it. We could sit around, have a drink for a couple of hours after work and then, well, those of us who're dancing could head out and the rest of you can do whatever you fancy. Thoughts?

Poll #470224 Wednesday meetup

Do you fancy meeting up next Weds, say 5:30 - 7:30 ish?

Yes, definitely
Maybe. I'll see how my diary pans out
Maybe, if I can get over my axe-murderer phobia
No, sorry, have already got other plans
No way! You guys = freeks!

Where do you think we should meet?

A pub?
A cafe?
A pub but only if it serves food?
A pub but only if it's got a non-smoking section

OK, where exactly do you think we should meet up?

Drat! Forgot to put an out-of-towner option in the first question! Sorry guys.
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