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I don't talk about my politics much. In the end, most discussions seem to end up with both of us relying on hearsay evidence that we remember having heard somewhere. There are almost no subjects where I would feel that I knew my stuff. Despite this, I tend to have fairly strong views on much of what goes on in politics. Generally those views are based on (a) fairly broad political/moral prinicples or (b) knowing enough about logic to know that the reasons given for something are bullshit/fallacies, in which case I tend to fall against it on the grounds that if there were good arguements they would be using them! Anyway, I expect that over the next few weeks I'll be shouting at the radio a lot but not mentioning it much here but I'll be voting Lib Dem this time (just like nearly all the other times).

I had my first online grocery experience today, which went pretty well. I was lamenting the fact that we really had to go to the supermarket last night and asked Alex whether it would be so very bad to pay for a delivery whereupon he pointed out that it's like buying free time on the internet. Which is so true. So I went for it. I was vaguely creeped out to discover that when you register for Tesco website it uses your clubcard number to show you all the things you've bought in the last 3 months. I mean, I knew they had that data, but it's just kind of unnerving to be confronted with it. All in all, it was pretty good. I think I forgot less stuff because the going through the cupboards/list making process and the actual shopping process were basically amalgated, the delivery wasn't too expensive (and next time we'll know which are the cheap days) and he turned up within the slot I'd booked. I liked the substitution mechanism as well, where for each item in your shop you could say "Don't subsitute this" or give specific instructions as to what to subsitute which relieved my worry about getting battery chicken and eggs as subsitutes. All in all, I may never go to the supermarket again.
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