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Catch-up and meet plans

A very pleasant weekend, once again. I'm suddenly managing to see a lot of Niall, what with Ceroc and the literary festival. On Sunday it was down the Angel and Greyhound for drinks. I managed not to be too bad on the points front and in a sign of an enjoyably rambling conversation, there weren't any lags particularly but I can't remember at all what we talked about. Except for the small world bit. Met white_hart again, which was good. I really must arrange a coffee one lunchtime or something. I will at some point, honestly!

Yesterday, we went out for drinks with work to celebrate the company's 16th birthday. When the Smollenskys bar didn't have any staff (or, to be honest, a lot of space), we cleared off to Bar Riza, which is attatched to Jongleurs and turned out to be great. 2 bar staff, sofas and no one else in the place! I assume it hots up later when the Jongleurs stuff starts to kick off, but for an after work venue it was perfect. As sometimes happens (and I encourage it, tbh) a group of us ended up going off for eats - Bangkok house again, and very nice it was too. We did get rather drunk though, and John made us promise we wouldn't bike home! In the end, we decided to head back into the office for a cup of tea and once we'd had that we were in much better shape so we did cycle slowly and carefully back after all. One of the good things about this company is that a work night out can be really fun - they're a good group of people, well mixed and even having the managing director come along didn't make us feel constrained particularly.

All this discussion of going out brings me to my next topic - the meet tomorrow. Based entirely on the fact that I need to have a proper meal before dancing (you get to be dictatorial like that when you organise :) ) I think I'm going to go for a pub meet, but then the question becomes which pub? The FFTMC does good burgers, but I'm worried that it'll be not serving in the evening again as seemed to be the case last week, plus it's a bit of a hike to the town hall afterwards. The Mitre is close to Ceroc and has a good alcove we could make our own but the food is not very good, tbh. All Bar One is close but expensive. The Old Tom is pretty good (and I have a discount card) but small. If it was warmer, I'd suggest outside at the Head of the River, but inside there is a bit small. If you're thinking of coming (even if you're not sure whether you will or not), can you comment with your suggestion/preference from these please?

Also, good Caption news in the offing...
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