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Test - Stuart, does this show up?

Today is a good day. I have

* voted
* finished all the basic functionality of my task for this week at work
* hoovered the living room, stairs and my room
* put the last load of washing away
* hung the washing from the machine out
* cooked dinner
* recycled
* tided up the living room
* spoken to new Brownie parent
* spoken to my parents
* answered the Caption emails
* planned our trip to Paris (would have booked it but the website errored!)
* found something for Brownies tomorrow
* found a bunch of good craft sites for future Brownie things
* checked out the Glastonbury line-up and started to get quite excited about that again(!)

I feel actually productive. Not that there's not plenty on my to-do list for tomorrow but I feel good. I also note that I abstained from a glass of wine with dinner and stuck to tea afterwards - possibly the fact that I'm still coherent (more or less) now may be related...
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