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A new project?

Yes, I know, I already have a tonne of projects, but I had an idea last night. I love hearing books read aloud. There's something about good writing that makes me really want to read it out. I mentioned it wistfully to Alex last night but he's got his own stuff to read and you feel a bit silly just reading aloud to your cat.

That's when I had the idea. With my iRiver I can easily make mp3 recordings of speech. It's incredibly simple. And I have lots of books, many of which are split into chapters for easy breaking, which I might like to read aloud. I could start an mp3 blog. It'd be like podcasting but with less music :)

So, my idea is this: every week, I would record myself reading a chapter of a story and then I would upload it to the internet. There'd be a page on my site you could download it (and old episodes) from and there'd be an RSS feed you could subscribe to for notification of new updates, etc. So, what do you think?

Poll #494728 Reading aloud

What do you think?

Yes, this sounds like a cool idea and I might even listen in sometimes
Yes, this sounds like a cool idea but I probably wouldn't get around to listening.
Yes, this sounds cool but I don't think anyone would actually get round to listening
Been done before
Nah, boring

Suggest a book I might read...

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