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In no particular order, things I need to remember to do. Most of them need to be done by end of month, some are more that I need to pick a time to do them by the end of the month, if you see what I mean.

Zetti's styles review (half done).
Transfer work playlists to iRiver.
Check (find old sync tool?) that all mp3s from work PC are on iRiver.
Remove mp3s from work PC.
Hoover up new mp3s from Farnsworth.
Transfer all spoken word off iRiver onto Treo.
Transfer classical? Make decision, at least.
Do proper evaluation of calendar software for Treo
Stick a selection of books on Treo from Farnsworth
Zetti email.
Mobile features category?
Transfer Brownie expenses sheet to Treo.
Print out new parent letters.
Find new games for next week.
Ring cats protection league.
Buy new six boxes.
Clean out cupboard.
Arrange guide night with Catriona.
Finish RP spreadsheet for Calum.
Find & buy door hanging organiser.
Tidy stuff from living room into.
Buy & fit new gate.
Get numbers for plumbers from Jenni, Julian.
Ring same, arrange quote.
Hassle Vodafone re sim card.
Investigate cost of colour printer.
Get shredder.
Get file manager for Treo - what files can be moved onto card? What about running progs from card?
Re-install LB & set up to manage this list there!
Photograph TV & advertise it to sell.
Ditto old bike.
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