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A "proper update"

It has been brought to my attention that although I've posted a bunch of posts in the last week or so they've been little random ones and I haven't really said what I'm up to, so it's about time I wrote a proper update. So, starting from tomorrow and working back...

Tomorrow, we're going to Paris! Fulfilling a long held dream, we're going to take the tunnel from Waterloo to Gare du Nord and have a long weekend. I'm really looking forward to it - there's so much I want to see and it's hopefully going to be fab! The ruinous rates for using my phone abroad mean that I don't plan to mo-blog but there'll be plenty of photos when I get back. Also, yay for squigglyruth who is taking Brownies for me in my absence.

Today I got half a day off work to do Glastonbury stewards training. It was pretty good in that I feel fairly clear where my responsibilities lie. I'm quietly confident that it should be a whole bunch of fun - I always love the feeling of being inside of something and part of making it work. After I've written this we're going out to dinner and then Alex is DJing so no early nights for me though.

Wednesday was the pub meet, which is turning into a really nice routine. I really liked Chequers btw, even more than the Old Tom. What are peoples thoughts about stopping our pub crawl there (or one of the others we've visited)?

Tuesday, I went to see Revenge of the Sith. I expected that it wouldn't be very good but I was prepared to give it a chance. I was wrong, it was pants. Still, it lent itself to animated disection of it's bad points in the pub, I suppose.

Monday was roleplaying, which is going fairly well these days. Of note are the facts that I managed to not use my failure to remember ready-meals as an excuse to get tonnes of takeout and that my vague plan of half & half alcohol and soft drinks was a good one and worked pretty well I thought.

Sunday was Jeremy's BBQ, of which there are photos elsewhere. As often happens with BBQs the fact that it started in the evening lead to me feeling tired and full quite early and heading off home at a sensible time.

Saturday was Steph's 30th birthday party, Alex's ex girlfriend, now married with 2 kids. We had left arranging transport till the last moment and then realised that it was in the middle of Bedfordshire so decided to hire a last minute car. In a bizarre twist of fate, it's cheaper to hire for 3 days than 2 (you get a special deal) so I got the car for £50 if I promised not to bring it back until after Monday lunchtime! We tried out our new air bed by sleeping over and found that it's pretty comfy actually but takes a while to blow up. The party was quite nice - I enjoyed it more than I usually enjoy parties where I don't know many people - and the house, belonging to another friend, was enormous! 6 bedrooms! Nuts. Also on Saturday, our Oxfam shop started to leak into the window display when the insane hailstorm happened.

Finally, last Friday we had a leadership qualification meeting after Brownies. It went OK, although there was still more stuff to do, obviously. The county day, which we need to go to is on the same day as the punt party, which is annoying but can't be helped :( Afterwards, Ruth and I stayed to have a few drinks and on the way back to my bike I slipped and cut my hand and my knee. I don't think the slip itself was because I was drunk - the road was wet and had loose gravel on it - but the fact that I failed to regain my balance and kind of slid along on my palm over said loose gravel probably was. Sigh. So now I have a grazed knee and palm - so primary school! Actually they're both still quite painful because they're bits of skin that need to stretch a lot.

So, that should do you - see you when I get back...
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