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Weee! We went to Paris and had a lovely time! Photos are here and I would have taken more if I hadn't forgotten to bring a french plug for my charger meaning that I didn't dare take any more on the last day in case the batteries ran out and we needed to get at our travel info. In fact, the Treo earned it's keep extremly well, providing us with emergency back-up access to our trip info and diverting chat with my parents en route as well as several books and camera for the first 2 days of our trip. Beneath the cut is the write up of the trip out, which I wrote in a quiet moment. Writeup of the actual trip to come later, promise...

Well, I have to say that the journey could have been better. Despite our best intentions, we didn't manage to get the bus until 4:40 after provisioning ourselves with food & books. This should still have been plenty of time to make Baker St by 6:40 and get over to Waterloo to check in around 7 (they recommend you give 3/4 hr for check-in!). Somewhat to my surprise though, the traffic was terrible. We made Baker St at around 7 and dashed onto the tube which was fortunatly there waiting. It was also about this time that I realised that I had foolishly managed to lose the printout of the email containing our trip details which I *knew* I'd had at lunchtime. Fortunatly, Treo to the rescue here - I had to download all 200 emails in my inbox (must delete more often!) but I got it and we got our ticket from the automated machine (very smooth). After passing passport control etc we got to our departure gate about 5 mins before our scheduled departure to discover that the train was delayed and would not be boarding for another 20 mins. Typical.

Once we finally did get on board I was surprised by how old the carriage seemed. I'm not sure quite what I expected but slightly foxed grey coach seats wasn't it. They should borrow some Virgin carriages. We finally left about 3/4hr late and the ensuing journey was slowed down by youths throwing stones at the train in Kent. We finally made it to Gare du Nord at 1pm French time - an hour and a half delayed, which means we're entitled to a free single or half price return next time. Fortunatly our hotel, a 10min yomp from the station, lived up to it's promise of 24hr reception and the young man behind the counter deserves a prize for sorting us out despite our fratured Francais and lack of paperwork. Finally there, I just had to have a quick cool shower to cool down before collapsing into bed.
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