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I'm feeling extremely low today. I don't really know why though. I was in tears last night trying to talk about attitudes to child free women in society with Alex (triggered by that obnoxious Observer article white_hart linked; they'll be getting a letter to the editor from me). It is something I find very frustrating but not normally something which would reduce me to tears, even when tipsy. And just now, I suddenly thought; what if this is PMT. What if I'm about to have a period for the first time in years? Just the thought is enough to make me want to cry on it's own. Still, I won a minor victory. I managed to decide that there was no point in making myself feel more depressed by going over to the snack machines and buying chocolate or a pack of carbohydrate-y sandwiches to cheer me up and then not losing any weight either. Instead, I'm treating myself to a crispbread from my desk drawer stash (!) and have just noticed a cup-a-soup in there which I might also have to supplement my breakfast (a banana).

I'll be able to get Zetti's review finished at lunchtime I think, which should give me a sense of achievement and then after work, there'll be a pub meetup, which always cheers me up. Chequers again? I'm not eating this time (I have cooking plans) so if anyone who is wants to go somewhere else, speak now and ye shall be heard. Well or anyone else of course, but I think the eaters probably get the final say - after all, anywhere we go is likely to serve drinkables :) Then I just have to get my Brownie planning done after dinner so that I can go to roleplaying tomorrow with a clear conscience.

It occurs to me that if I do have a period I have literally no stuff for it. And to be honest I have kind of deliberately not got round to buying anything in a kind of "bury head in sand about possibility" way. Perhaps I should go out at lunchtime and buy some panty-liners just in case. Also, I think I may be likely to post a lot today.
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