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This new tags thing is interesting in that it's giving me a rough indication of who uses the web update form regularly :) Being a Semagic girl myself, I haven't played around with it except on the test site but I'll get there eventually - I like the idea of tagging posts I've made to custom filters with the filtername, for example.

I still haven't written up Paris, which I feel vaguely guilty about. If I'd been able to charge my phone I'd have written more on the trip itself, which would have made it easier. Still, it's something I can do in slack moments at work I suppose. I am getting a few of those at the moment because my work seems to be arranging itself nicely into slighty shorter than 2 day chunks, which means than when I get to the end of one, at say 4ish, I generally don't quite have the stamina to start the next one until tomorrow. As I'm trying to avoid actually connecting to the internet during the working day, that leaves me a a little bit of a loose end.
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