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So, it would be better for me if we could do Thursday pub again (I'd need to head off around 6:45 though). Is that OK with everyone? Shall we give Chequers one last try on a Thursday? I have a feeling that quite a lot of the busyness was post finals people which should have gone away by now.

It always takes me a little while to get back into the swing of things when I come back after a holiday. Catching up on email, trying to get back into the flow of whatever it was I was working on. I'm very nearly at the point where I can do some actual coding again and then I'll feel more like I'm home.

We came back on Monday to discover that although the internet was working our phones were dead. I got through to BT yesterday and they got back to me today to let me know that they've located it outside the house and they'll be hoping to fix it by 6th July. That's a pretty long way out, but they've diverted calls to my mobile and they've promised us a rebate off our bill for each day we don't have the service so I'm not too bothered to be honest. I'll just make sure to wait until I can use my free mobile minutes before making calls out. Ah well.
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