Emptied of expectation. Relax. (tinyjo) wrote,
Emptied of expectation. Relax.

Glastonbury 05 - transcribed

Well, the festival hasn't started yet but here I am, one shift down, two to do. The sun is so hot that the main worries so far are sun burn and dehydration but so far we're coping. Actually, I got a little burned yesterday when I forgot that my strappy top would drop down lower during the day exposing extra back. Still, not bad considering. Our first shift was very quiet - tonnes of people came through yesterday and today (7am - 3pm) we never even had a queue. There were enough people coming out and then in again with extra beer to keep us amused. They brought us lots of water though and we took breaks to apply lotion. It's been too hot to read much (although I've done the "Oxford Murders" and "The Brilliance Of The Moon" despite!) but I've got my radio to listen to Wimbledon. I'm not surprised by Tim - he's very choppy - but I'm curious to see Murray. I always try to resist the nationalism at Wimbledon but with so much talk on 5, I'd like to have my own opinion. I won't until I see him play but I doubt he'll make it to the second week at this stage in his career. I was gutted to hear that Henin was out - I was looking forward to seeing her. Still, there'll be other times.

I was very irritated to realise that my afternoon shift tomorrow clashes with Alabama 3 and Eliza Carthy. Obviously, there are lots of other things to see, but I was specially looking forward to those two. Still, we get off just in time for the White Stripes which should be cool.

I bought this book last year when my Treo batteries ran out. No sign of that yet this year but I like the idea of re-using it - it's hardly been used since.
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