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Addicted to the shindig

Well, that was another busy weekend! Still, it ended up with a nice relaxing BBQ so I don't feel too drained. It started off with a very quiet Brownies indeed. Our parent helper had let me know earlier in the week that she wouldn't be able to make it, but I'd forgotten to actually do anything about getting someone else to cover. Fortunatly, fate was on our side. About a third of the girls were at a birthday sleepover and another third were camping so we only had eight girls, making us actually overmanned after all! It was quite a nice meeting - rather different from the usual, with such a small group.

After that it was off home for the sleepover with the girls. Suzie was visiting from Canada so of course we all had to take the opportunity to get together and I decided to honour the occasion by buying the Phantom of the Opera DVD so we could sing along in the spirit of old times. We had a really nice evening and a huge amount of unhealthy food while we all caught up. Suzie brought a copy of the paper her article was in (which you left at my place, Suz. I'm quite happy to post it back to you if you'd like) and she has the most unnerving byline photo. You have to look twice to be sure it's really her.

After that it was off to Oxfam for Saturday afternoon, and it turns out that since I was last there there've not been many volunteers in, with the result that donations were overflowing. Jackie was very pleased to see me and immediately stuck me on till so that she could go out the back and try to get things under control a little bit. If anyone fancies giving up a few Saturday afternoons to a good cause, just drop in! I couldn't get the radio in the shop to tune into AM so I had to wait until I got to the station to get an update on the tennis. I listened from 5-6 in the third to the end of the game in which Venus broke Davenport to go up 8-7 and then the train came in and I lost the signal! Frantic fiddling around while in my seat was no good and I couldn't get it back so I missed the final moment :( Still, at the other end of my train journey, I went to a very enjoyable concert by Rach's orchestra, after which we went for a quick drink with a couple of her friends before heading to bed.

Sunday, I finally got to watch some tennis and I very much enjoyed watching Pierce and Bhupathi win their semi-final in the mixed doubles - they played some great shots. After that I switched over to watch the first 2 sets of the mens final, where Federer played some unbelieveable tennis; just amazing. When the rain delay came on we headed off to Jennis and I had intended to ask her if I could watch the rest on her set but got distracted by the gazebo into sitting down for a Caption meeting so missed the climax of that one two. I'm going to watch the video I'm sure you can get on the BBC website though because I bet that Federers reaction would have been worth seeing. That's always the point that I really warm to a player - when they finally win and let it all out. You can really see at that point how much it means to them.

So, that was my weekend. Happy Birthday Jenni & Dan and watch out for Caption developments in the next few days...
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