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I seem to have lots of half formed thoughts these days. I must get better at putting them down on paper. Or electronic paper, anyway. Otherwise, how will I know when I look back what I was doing? I've been thinking about doing that "what were you doing x years ago" meme, partly because several of those dates are important years of my life. The trouble is I can only think of about 1 thing for each year so far.

Archie and Ellen came round for lunch on Sunday, which was a rather nice afternoon, I thought (despite the fact that given the weather the actual cooking stage was not great for me really). I hope they managed to enjoy themselves - I got rather drunk on white wine so my hostessing skills may not have been firing on all cylinders I'm afraid. By the way, if either of you read this before Ellen leaves the country, I found a black sweater/jacket with a skull on this morning that I don't recognise and suspect belongs to one of you two. Alex is at home today so you could pop round any time to pick it up.

I really need some music today but have discovered that I've managed to leave my mp3 player at home :( I'm not sure where it is in fact - when I couldn't see it this morning I assumed it was here but it clearly isn't so I need to search my home. My living room is becoming rather squallid again at the moment. I need to hoover more regularly and get rid of that damn TV. Any takers?

Only a month until we head off to France for our 2 week holiday. I hope Alex isn't regretting agreeing to come - we'll be missing quite a few social engagements while we're there but on the other hand we'll be relaxing and reading so I'm still hugely looking forward to it.


This was written yesterday, in bits and bobs, but as usual I forgot to post it before shutting down the PC. Thank goodness for auto-save, eh? I did manage to find my mp3 player, you'll be pleased to hear.
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