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Yikes it's cold in here. That's the main problem with my seat in the office, I find - it's right next to the server room, which is glass walled. Is it me, or is a glass walled server room a very dodgy idea? Anyway, it's noticeably more cold in my seat that almost anywhere else in the office.

I feel like I should write some kind of Caption write up, but as often happens when you're organising, I didn't get much of sense of how the event itself went. I think it was OK and so far the feedback seems good. The panel I ran on Sunday went pretty well. There weren't a huge number of people there because it was right at the end of the day but there were a few and we got into some good discussions. The bid to get a new committee going worked out, so next year perhaps I'll be able to go along and just do the event. We'll see - after all, we didn't really let the old committee get away with that (sorry, Jeremy!)...

I had a really nice evening yesterday. We didn't have anything to do so I did an hour or so of work in the front garden and got quite a bit cleared before going inside to cook dinner. Spaghetti bolagnaise and a shared bottle of wine followed by chilling out with a guide to Langedoc et Rousillion to read up a bit of the history and stuff, which I haven't absorbed much on our previous visits. Today and tomorrow we're out and about and then another two quiet days before the weekend. Bliss.

My parents are really stressed because the sale of my grandfathers house has reached the very rare stage where contracts were exchanged but the other side failed to hand over the money on completion date. It's bizarre because the other side picked the completion date themselves so you'd think they'd be ready but they've not been very good the whole way through. I really hope this gets wrapped up before we have to go because if it's still hanging (or worse still, if the property has had to go back on the market) then they won't really be able to relax. And boy do they need to relax this year.
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