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Well, the forcast for Sunday is looking good for the iPod fest (mp3playerOfYourChoice fest just sounds so much less snappy!). By the way, if anyone coming owns one of those things for reading SD cards into PCs if they could bring it that would be cool - it'll basically turn a non-trivial task (in that I've never tried it before and am not sure how it's done, although I'm certain it can be) into a trivial one as far as I can tell.

If my freecycler turns out not to be an ax murderer and turns up when she said she would (Monday evening) I might finally have got rid of the blasted TV! Oh joy!

Having got completely fed up with waiting for expansys to deliver my Treo accessories (6 weeks and counting with no response to my complaint!) I finally found another UK web store which (a) stocks what I want plus the extra thing I've decided I need in the mean time and (b) will deliver as bits come into stock rather than waiting for them all to arrive which means I should get my headphone adaptor for Treo in the next few days. If they actually do, I'll even link them here - what more an a satisfied customer do :)

Plumber came round this morning to give a quote and says they can do the other things we want (like getting a dishwasher plumbed in and outside tap and so on) while they're there.

Now to go and do some gardening. I got quite a lot done last time - I might even get the front into a state such that my parents won't feel I wasted their work in February.

Finally, list of things to remember to buy:

Burgers (Tesco, Saturday)
Bricks (B&Q?, Sunday)
Disposable BBQs (B&Q, Sunday)
Lawn mower bit (B&Q, Sunday)
Diet Coke (Tesco, Saturday)

I *think* that's it...
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