Emptied of expectation. Relax. (tinyjo) wrote,
Emptied of expectation. Relax.

Found an Andy pic right at the back of one of my flip charts yesterday - it's a shame I didn't come across it in time for the exhibition as it's a nice one. I've taken a photo, which I'll upload as soon as I get it onto a PC. I've also put a couple of my Andy Richmond pieces up on the staircase - perhaps eventually I'll display all the stuff I've got, although it's unlikely.

I'm finding it very difficult to concentrate on work at the moment - I've had that Friday feeling all week. In contrast, Alex is swamped by things which absolutely have to be done before he goes away, poor love! Luckily I've managed to pick off a few of the smaller development tasks on my project and will hopefully be leaving stuff in a stable state for my colleagues without undue effort. Still, I can't believe I have another whole day to do!

I'm just looking forward to this holiday so much! Possibly too much - if we get there and it rains all fortnight, I'll be gutted, although I'm sure we'll still manage to enjoy the food and wine. I wish I'd got more of my French course done but the web company have promised that they've posted off the first bit of kit for my treo - the headphone adapter - so if it arrives tomorrow I'll be able to listen to the cds in the car (and I'll give them their link too). Even the thought of getting up at 4am can't dim my enthusiasm.

Before I go, I really must finish the Glastonbury write-up, post all the photos I haven't yet posted to various homes and get myself tidied up a little bit. I guess that'll keep my busy until we get on the EuroTunnel.
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