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rho posted about quantum physics today. I know nearly nothing about quantum physics but I've always been fascinated by the idea of having mathematics which seems to work without being able to explain why it is it works - without being able to tie the elements of the mathematics back into the physical processes. It's just a really interesting idea which lies at the back of my mind not doing much except saying "hey, look at me, aren't I a weird and fascinating idea". In some ways, I actually avoid knowing any more about this stuff because I like the sense of the fantastic that things like that give me.

I don't think I am going to be able to make it to the pub tomorrow - I have to have my hair cut at lunchtime meaning that I must rush home after work to eat sensibly in the evening before the KTB gig. coalescent, (a) are you coming to my place to park beforehand? and (b) if you can arrive by 6pm, do you want dinner (doors at 7 according to the Rachael Dadd email)? Given that Thursday is about to become a poo day for dyddgu, do we want to think about switching day again? I can't do Tues or Fri but other than that, I'm now good. Or are we thinking of having lunchtime meets supercede pub meets? Either way is good for me.

One of the results of reading a lot of books in very quick sucession is that my thoughts have become very prose-y in style again. I wondered about trying to write some prose on here (and yes, I know this is prose, but you know what I mean). Would there be any point though? I suspect I'd just cringe afterwards so I'm not sure and I don't think any of the bits in my head go anywhere.
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