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So. Entry. Yes, I should write one of those.

This is not shaping up to be a good week. I went roleplaying last night followed by seeing Mike for leaving drinks where I got drunk and was mean to Alex on the way home. Tonight is CBS. Tomorrow is, thus far, free except for lunchtime (well, and work) and will be an oasis of calm marred by trying to get the house into a fit state to be seen. Thursday is the funeral. Friday is my cousins wedding reception (unrelated to Granddad, which is good as it won't spoil their day but it's sure going to be weird for us). Because Oxford is considerably closer to both the funeral and the wedding than Norfolk, my whole family is coming back to mine on Thursday night (hence tidying) so I'll also have to cook and stuff. Then there's a housewarming at the weekend and then roleplaying (plus cooking) at my place on Sunday both of which are nice things but still go on my list of *things*. Actually, looking at that list, most of the things on it are fine and in the normal run, I'd be looking forward to them (although still boggle at the amount of them!) but the funeral is sitting there in the middle staring at me. Metaphorically.

I feel really guilty about being mean to Alex. I feel like I'm doing it a lot at the minute. Its unfair - who am I to be critical? He's very nice about it and says he's fine and he'd rather I came out and said things rather than just thinking them but I still feel bad.

On the plus side, my cousin Christine (not the one getting married, on the other side) has kittens. Cute ones, looking for a good home. We're going to meet them on Thursday after the funeral and then hopefully taking one home to see if Cassie gets on well with it. I think I need some kitten action right now.

In other news, I am amused that LJ have a mood for weird and Hot Fuss (the Killers album) is a fantastic album.
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