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Interests list

Haven't done one of these in a while but for some reason this piqued my fancy...

  1. caption 2002:
    Well, I helped to run it, so I was fairly interested at the time. I went through a phase of putting each Caption in my interests list but didn't keep it up. I should remove this really.
  2. cowley:
    Yay. Cowley road is cool. I've spent a lot of my time in Oxford living there and I love the feel of interesting and perhaps slightly weird things going on in the shops, pubs and homes.
  3. earl grey:
    Tea!!!!! My favourite type of tea.
  4. liberal democrats:
    Yeah. I'm a boring, middle of the road person (although practically a leftie these days, I suppose). I have a post in mind in fact about the merits of absorbing ideas from all sides of the spectrum and that's partly what I look for from the Lib Dems - a willingness to listen to ideas from either side
  5. mathematics:
    I did my degree in maths, you know. I still remember the sense of satisfaction and excitement I got from taking my Set theory and logic course (I know). It's the same base instinct that powers me to be interested in programming and in philosophy.
  6. oxford university:
    This is where I did my degree. It rocked.
  7. reading:
    Books, internet, stuff, it's all good. I enjoy absorbing a story via reading almost more than any other medium
  8. small press comics:
    I find that it's very rare that mainstream comics are writing about the sort of things I'm interested in, or indeed real people at all. Sometimes I'm in the mood for superheros but when I'm not, it's the small press I turn to.
  9. the zodiac:
    Not the signs, but the club. The Zodiac puts on good gigs and ... well, as I'm not much into clubbing, that's why it's there.
  10. ursula le guin:
    I came late to the Earthsea books but very much enjoyed them and they're still regular re-reads. As an aside, I really wish you could capitalize LJ interests.

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