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Emptied of expectation. Relax.

Home sweet home

Ah, the freedom to write LJ entries while my tests are running. I've been vaguely thinking that I'll discipline myself by trying to write at least one entry a day for a month, even if it doesn't have much content (like this one). Perhaps for the whole of October?

This week, I have been mostly thinking about house things. I bought a shelving unit to use as a shoe rack on Sunday which I am ridiculously pleased with. I also managed to find some door tidies but they're all designed for children and are correspondingly inelegant. I still might buy one of the less offensive ones and dye it or something - how hard is that with canvas?

Also on my list are hassling the plumber (still no sign of quote re boiler, dishwasher to be delivered this week and needs to be fitted...) and visiting the fireplace showroom to get things moving on installing one in our living room. Mum has decided that she wants to buy Steve and I each something special as a gift with her legacy from Granddad and in my case has plumped for funding my fireplace. I'd quite like to get in in before Christmas and have found somewhere which will give 6months interest free credit by which time the will should be sorted out. The more I think about it, the more I look forward to it - that and the dishwasher.

I'm suffering a little from "so many ideas, so little time" syndrome with the house right now - there's tonnes of things I want to do and I end up making lots of plans and only rarely doing any of them - the shoe rack was a happy exception (which possibly explains why I'm so pleased with it). Perhaps I'd feel a bit better if I settled on something that I could do myself and just got on with it.

Tomorrow, are people up for pub meet? dyddgu, are you working late? My memory is terrible!
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