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I feel like if I could find the inspiration or the right words or something then things would be better. But somehow, I seem to have no words at the moment. I don't even write the entries in my head.

The practicalities are going OK. Work is not great at the moment - Reporting Services reduced me to tears before I remembered the age old tactic for solving insoluble frustrations - put them off for later while you get on with something more tractable :) At least I've managed to pass off most of my other distracting tasks to Alex while I try to get this one done.

The cats are getting used to each other, which is good. Charlie is the most pouncy creature in the world in space. There is a patch of blood on the quilt where she killed Alex's feet last night. She is still very cute though. The main issue currently is teaching both cats that they're not allowed to eat out of each others bowls. They'll get there (I hope). They seem to be getting used to each other though. Cassie still occasionally growls or hisses but only when Charlie tries to jump on her and she's amazingly easy going, to be honest.

I'm frustrated that I'm not getting enough done at home - even the house is not as clean as I would like it - but I just can't do everything. Must remember that.
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