Emptied of expectation. Relax. (tinyjo) wrote,
Emptied of expectation. Relax.

The plans for the fireplace have motivated me to get tidying around the home and I think I might finally have the living-room arranged in a long term configuration. Sounds sad, I know, but say yay!

Next order of business is to get the damn server fixed upstairs. We think it needs a new processor but we don't know what kind (because I have no idea what the motherboard is). Working from home on the laptop is all very well (and in fact, pretty cool because of the dual screen setup) but I can't use the keyboard because it's PS2 and my laptop has no PS2 connector. I tried a PS2 -> USB thingie but that didn't work either. Googleing suggests that this just happens and don't buy the damn keyboard if you don't have a PS2 connector. Which we do on the server.

I have given up on the previous plumber ever managing to actually send me the damn quote so have arranged for 2 others to give quotes (or at least, one is coming on Friday and one said "We'll call you to arrange a quote"). I *will* have my dishwasher! I am determined. Also, I've found a music shop I can take my cello to now I have a car to get it fixed, which would be really nice.

Sadly, my new radio, listed as "digital" on Amazon, turns out to be digital in the sense of having a digital display, which is why it was so cheap. Sigh. I was quite looking forward to having access to Radio 7 in the kitchen. Never mind.

* Tidy tech room
* Hoover bedroom
* Washing up?
* Start review for Zetti
* Plan Sunday menu
* Check in on schools
* Bath
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