Emptied of expectation. Relax. (tinyjo) wrote,
Emptied of expectation. Relax.

What a weekend!

Friday morning: Fed up with waiting for quote from other plumber to arrive, we have arranged for a new plumber to come round and do a quote. He turns up when he said he would - all good so far...

Saturday morning: Boiler dies. No hot water and no central heating. Alex and I discuss and conclude that as it's been fairly mild so far and we're planning to have the damn thing replaced soon anyway, we can manage without paying emergency plumbers to come out and fix it.

Sunday: Parents arrive. Lunch. Recipe waaaay over estimates the amount of rabbit required.

Sunday evening: We go to Fall gig (which was very good, by the way). Mum, at home, calls me to say that the power to all the sockets in the house has gone and she can't get it to go back.

Sunday late: We return from gig and fiddle with electricity. Discover how to get the power back in (the circuit breaker switch needs to be put to off from trip and then to on) but it keeps going off again as we plug random things in. After some fruitless speculation, we try switching off the central heating circuit. Everything downstairs except the fridge is switched off at this point but as the power is on we decide that nothing else needs to be working tonight and leave it and go to bed.

Monday: Wake up - alarm clock works so sockets have stayed on all night. Yay for fridge not being off. Shower works and boiling kettle upstairs seems OK too. Look in porch, water on floor. Rain stops before I have to cycle to work. Look in conservatory while getting bikes - water in middle of the room on table. Not good. Leave parents to experiment with electricity and let me know if it goes off again (if it doesn't I'll assume it's related to boiler problem and was solved by switching off central heating ring). Go to work and try to contact plumber to get boiler replacement quote. Leave answer-phone message.
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