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Well, while I run the tests that take forever, I suppose I might as well write a LiveJournal entry to distract myself (all green so far...). I haven't done many of the things I'd planned for this weekend/start of this week because I had managed to plan 2 separate weekends, one of which involved my parents coming to stay without actually quite realising that they were both happening at the same time. Fortunatly, the second one didn't have much direct involvement by other people so I didn't let people down per se but it means I still have a bunch of stuff that I really need to get done this week!

Lest this should sound too much like complaining, let me say now that I had a really nice time with my parents and they did a whole bunch of work on the house (you should see my Dad go!) for which I'm very grateful. We're going down to see them in a couple of weeks so that I can take Alex to a proper Norfolk bonfire night, which should be fun.

We still have no boiler (boo!) and no definite appointment from a plumber to come and install one (double boo!) and, in fact, no quotes from any plumbers (triple boo!). This is somewhat depressing. Mum suggests I get Alex to chase them - perhaps they'll responsd to a man.
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