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Televisial sins

So, Alex is out for the evening and once again I'm indulging myself in Discovery Realtime. I find myself thinking that I must be able to work out some way that I could share evenings like this with my Mum - Skype, perhaps? Anyway, for your reading and superior-feeling pleasure (and possibly bemusement for non UK peeps), my favourite TV shows...

Location, Location, Location/Relocation, Relocation: I love watching people come to terms with the compromises between where they want to live and what kind of house they want. I just find it very revealing. And I love Kirsty Alsop. She's great at what she does, she's forceful and not afraid to express herself honestly to a client and despite not being a classic shape, she looks great.

Tales from River Cottage: For some reason, I looked down on this for a long time - all that back to the country shit. I've lived in the country and it's a pain in the backside a lot of the time actually. But I happened to catch it one evening and Hugh Fernley Whittingstall (I know! What a name!) is just really sweet. Something about his idealism about smallholding and storytelling style is charming, in the end.

Charmed: This is my equivalent of soap-opera. Pretty girls!

Dinnerladies: I love the writing of this. I don't laugh out loud a huge amount but it's so lovely and it chokes me up a surprising number of times, actually.

What not to Wear: I know the trenchant honesty is their trademark and probably overplayed, but I like it. I think they've got good judgment and I think they've got good hearts. I just watched Trinny undressing herself in the mirror room to prove to a participant that she wasn't ugly actually and had great fundamentals. "Look at my bum!" she said. "Who's cheeks are closer to the floor?". "Yours!" Susanna replied.

Sex in the City: If you follow the stories through, they're complex and realistic and I feel like they're women I recognise. Somewhere it rings true for me. I still miss my Samantha/Miranda cross flatmate Becks, who I lived with while I'm in London and yearn for those friendships where you can plumb the breadths and the depths together.

What are your TV sins?
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