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Well, another day, another visit from the plumbers. Yes, the job that I thought was going to be fairly straightforward has sprung up ridiculous complications. I guess that's the risk you take when you're a homeowner. Score from yesterday:

Dishwasher - working in the kitchen
Washing machine - working in the conservatory (but facing the wrong wall)
Boiler - installed and working but not switched on

The reason for the latter is that the boiler, like our previous one, requires a supply of 20mbars of gas. They didn't test for this when doing the quote - I think because it would have taken time & equipment fiddling and hence been chargeable - but the boiler they've installed has the same requirement as our old boiler. Unfortunately, when the gas was installed into the kitchen last year they tapped the line off the boiler line and so when you are running the hob, there is not enough gas for the boiler. Which means they have to replace all my piping with new, larger pipes at huge cost. And of course, knowing nothing about plumbing, I'm at their mercy and have to pretty much assume that's true. Grrrr.
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