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In boring domesticity, by the way, after last weeks boiler related trauma, everything is looking much better. There must have been some huge misunderstanding or mishearing on the Monday evening because having got the invoice for the boiler work, they've only charged us about 200 for the extra work on the gas supply which is fine so crisis over on that front.

We've also agreed for Zenith to come in and do our windows for us (Fiona, who was it who did yours? I can't find the posts now), which I'm quite excited about. We didn't think we'd be able to afford this for a while even though it really needs doing but as I'll be getting a legacy from Granddad, we can manage it now, which is really cool.

The fireplace is being installed next week (woooo!) and then the chimney sweep is coming nearly a week later (earliest I could get him) after which we'll be able to have real open fires! I'm really excited about it. All in all, come February, you won't recognise the place. Perhaps we'll have a second house warming or something.

Finally, in the faith in human nature section, I managed to leave my purse in the pub on Friday (yes, I know, I'm really ditzy at the moment - not sure why) and not only did I get it back but all the cash was in it too. I'm monitoring the cards for fraud but it looks like the good guys might have come up trumps for me!
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