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I've gone into a bit of an online withdrawal phase at the moment. I'm still reading my friends page but only really once a day and I have hardly touched the support board this week. It's one of my odder moods - I recognise it and I know it will pass but I don't really know what triggers its start or end.

In my weightwatchers experiment, btw, the week that I stuck to it, I took off weight but then I didn't stick to it the week after and put some of it back on. I really need to find a better way to respond to feeling stressed than eating and drinking more. I guess it's just that it's such a pleasant distraction. I'm doing well so far this week, which is good as I have a Christmas meal with the Oxfam crew on Friday and I want to save up for it.

In related news*, the electrician finally managed to come over and have a look at my fireplace hole yesterday. A little bit of investigation on his part revealed that the heavy duty socket wire wasn't connected to anything! Yes, really! So we just cut that one off. The earth wire is connected to the bathroom as a safty device apparently but was easy for him to splice an extra length into so that it could sit safely under the hearth. So now all I have to do is pin Blazes down for a date to finish the installation. There are pictures but I haven't uploaded them yet - soon, I promise. Today is the day the chimney sweep comes (I called to confirm - I'm getting paranoid!) so I'm working from home, writing this while I wait for my unit tests to run.

I lost my Ikea virginity at the weekend with cleanskies - it was ace! We took jintys car to the London Brent Park Ikea which is vast! The only blemish was that as they still had the builders in half the loading area was full of girders leading to enormous amounts of confusion and lack of signage but we made it and after our worrying at the checkouts it turned out we could have got loads more furniture in if needed. My favourite purchase is the one I haven't put together yet - the big chest of drawers for the conservatory. Again, photos to follow.

* It's related because it was the cause of last weeks stress.
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