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Yes, the fireplace fitter actually came and actually fitted the fireplace! It looks fantastic. It's bigger than I remember and is now definitely the focus of the room but it looks amazing. Photos to follow when I connect my phone to my PC again. I can't have a fire in it for 2 weeks while the concrete goes off but that means that by Christmas it'll be good to go. woo!

Now if I could just get the conservatory finished, everything would be hunky-dorey. Yesterdays rain showed that the roof is still leaking in places, which is a huge pain. I got the chest of drawers put together though, which looks good so now a lot of the mess has been put away and it look a bit more like a dining room and less like a utility room with a big table. I can't wait until we get the shed done so that some of the stuff can go there. The things that I have planned for the house seem to all be happening/need to happen now which is a little overwhelming, but we're getting there. Does anyone know where I could buy a car-port or open-sided shed? B&Q and Homebase don't seem to have them.

I did have a really manic weekend plan but ended up cutting it right back, partly due to feeling ill :( I can't really figure out what got me this time unless I'm allergic to venison, which would be a real pain. I suppose it was fairly rare - I like my steaks to be French medium - but that shouldn't be a problem, right? I'm still hoping to make it to Los Diablos tonight though.
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